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General Info
Each piece of bisque (pottery) is individually priced to include class fees, paint, pottery, use of tools and firing. Custom projects include an additional art fee; and Portrait Plates include an artist fee. We have rolled all these costs into one convenient price.
All pottery produced at HSAI is food safe and dish washable safe after being glazed and fired. You can safely use what you’ve created.
We look for and provide only the best quality product from reputable suppliers that allow you the benefit of product functionality and life lasting durability.
We offer the best glazes on the market with the best color quality and a wide spectrum of colors to choose from. These products clean up easily with water.
We have gift cards and certificates available for any price range. These cards and certificates do not hold an expiration date. They can be used whenever you want for whatever you want within out facility.
Homeschool America members receive discounts on pottery and art classes offered throughout the year. Frequent users cards are available: 5 visits=$12.50, 10 Visits=$25. 1 Year=$35 For membership info go to
Names and addresses of our Homeschool America’s Pots ‘N’ Paints division are not shared with any other companies. If you wish to be places on our mailing list to receive program and product updates you may choose to do so.
You must pre-register for classes which have a specified class registration window if you want us to hold a place, but pre-registration is not required for OPEN walk-in classes.

CLASS REFUNDS are made only for classes cancelled by Homeschool America and the Instructor. Only in the event of an emergency can funds be transferred one (1) time. The enrollee must notify us of the emergency circumstances 3 days prior to the class start date. He/she may then select another class choice scheduled at a different time or request a wait period for new class postings

We are required by law to collect all state and local tax in accordance with Wisconsin laws for products purchased. Please Note: Many states also tax the shipping and handling charge you pay on orders. TAX RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.
No changes can be made once a plate order is processed with a given photograph and is sent to the artist.
Payment is required at the time you place a product order, register for a class program or make reservations for facility use. For walk-in customers, payment is required the day you paint. We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards, Homeschool America Gift Cards, Checks, money orders and cash.
Check and Money Order payments.
Class registration, product requests and facility use requests are held on
file for ten (10) business days. If payment is not received within ten (10) business days you will need to: reapply, reorder or reschedule.
Class registration spots are reserved when payment is received.
Painting party seating is reserved and scheduled when payment is received.
Purchase orders are processed when payment is received.
Facility use requests are scheduled when payment is received.
Make checks & money orders payable to: Homeschool America Inc.
Mail Checks & Money orders to: Homeschool America Inc., Registration Requests, P.O. Box 126, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0126.
We ship by USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx Ground or UPS. Shipping and handling charges will be added to the total cost of ordered product. Rates may be changed at any time. Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery.
Merchandise Cost Shipping 2nd Day Air
$0-$25 $5.95   $13.00     
$25.01-$40 $7.25   $13.00     
$40.01-$50 $9.25   $16.00     
$50.01-$75 $11.50 $16.00     
$75.01-$100 $14.95 $26.00     
$100.01-$200 $18.95 $31.00     
$200.01 and up $22.95 $34.00     
Plate Selection Size # to be drawn Cost
Round Rimmed Salad Plate 8 ” d 1 person $50.00
Round Rimmed Dinner Plate 11 ”” d 1 person $54.50
Round Rimmed Charger 13 3/8” 1 person $63.50
    2 people $74.50
Round Rim Platter 16” d up to 4 people ----
    1 person $65.00
    2 people $75.00
    3 to 4 people call for pricing
Oval Rimmed Platter 18” L x 14” w x1 ” h up to 7 people ----
    1 person $85.00
    2 people $95.00
    3 to 7 people call for pricing
Square Rimmed Platter 16 ” x 1 ” h up to 6 people ----
    1 to 2 people $78.50
    3 to 6 people call for pricing
Coupe Salad Plate 8” d 1 person $50.00
Medium Couped Dinner Plate 11” d 1 person $60.50
Couped Charger 13” d 1 person $63.50
    2 people $73.50
Round Couped Platter 15” d x 2” h up to 4 call for pricing
Oval Couped Platter 19” L x 13 ” w x 2 ” h up to 6 “ “
Square Angled Rim Salad Plate 8” 1 person call for pricing
Square Angled Rim Dinner Plate 10 ” 1 person “ ”
Square Angled Rim Charger 12 “ 2 people “ “
Square Ruffle Ware Salad Plate 8 ” d 1 person “ “
Square Ruffle Ware Dinner Plate 11 ” d 1 to 2 people “ “
Heart Plate 9” w x 8” h 1 or 2 people call for pricing
Christmas Tree Trivet 9” L x 7 ” w 1 person “ “
Square Dinner Plate 10” x 10” x 1 ” 1 person “ “
Square Charger 11 ” x 11 ” x 1 ” 1 to 2 people “ “
Due to the detailed artwork and time requirements when creating a rustic plate, we ask that you call in advance to discuss your project, and then mail your photo to us or bring it in. We can then give you a time and cost estimate.
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