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Art Programs
Welcome to Homeschool America’s Pottery-Art Program. As a non-profit 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, we have developed and will continue to develop a variety of fun, creative and educational enrichment programs to expand your creative interests. You’re invited to watch for our new art class programs such as: Beading, Mosaic, Sculpturing, Stained Glass, Wood Art, Chalk Art, Paint Techniques, Canvas Painting, Art Concept & Design to name a few. These opportunities are open to children and adults of all ages. Our “Bulletin Board” page will up-date you about the educational age appropriate programs as they post for registration throughout the year.

Enjoy the comforts of home during walk-in hours and paint with us.

Here is how it works
Pick out a piece of bisque (unfinished pottery)
Design it using your own creativity — looking at example pieces, using books for inspiration, choosing from our selection of stencils, artwork, sponges,
stamps and more.
Choose your colors from over 44 light, bright and dark paints (underglazes).
Paint you piece.
When finished, leave it with us. We will glaze it and fire it.
When the piece is done we will call you.
You can pick up your completed masterpiece in 5 days or we can ship it—your choice.
This program is designed to travel to your location for art education opportunities.
Here is how it works
You choose the location.
You choose a time.
You select the bisque (unfinished pottery) your group wants to paint. The price is determined by your choice of pottery.
You choose the paint colors.

When your pottery is finished we take it back to the Pottery-Art Cove and dip each pottery piece in a clear glaze. After the glaze dries we fire it.
When all the pieces are done we will:
deliver them to your door, your school, your place of employment.
ship them to your location.
or you can pick them up at the Pottery-Art Cove.

We supply brushes, patterns, stencils, sponges, etc.

Our Mobile Pottery-Art Classes are not restricted to location, however, for long distances we do charge a mileage fee. We request a minimum of 10 in attendance to schedule although we do take into consideration unique circumstances where there are fewer attendees.

Planning a getaway for the day? A field trip for a few hours? A vacation pit stop? Plug in to an artful experience of colorfully painting your own pottery. We now provide dining options for lunch at our new expanded facility. We have bus parking and are handicap accessible.

Here is how it works
Schedule a date.
Select an arrival time.
Provide the number of adults, children or families who will be arriving via bus.
Pick out the bisque (unfinished pottery) and specify the price range.
 Decide if you want a lunch menu, and what menu items you want. Or, for groups brown bagging it, we have refrigeration space and can supply.
Refreshments to accommodate your lunch needs.

A registration fee is required in advance. Individuals choosing a more expensive piece of pottery upon arrival can pay the additional cost before they leave.

Shipping is available. Please allow 5 business days for delivery.

We can accommodate painting parties for all ages and events—birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, church functions, scout activities, youth nights, corporate office parties . . . and more.

Here is how it works
Call to schedule a time.
Come in and pick out the pottery piece your children or guests will be painting.
Fill out the Reservation Request Form.
Adult party selection.
1). You can choose a piece of bisque
when you arrive and paint.
2). if you want to paint the same item you
need to choose the piece of bisque at the
time you register.
Party Reservation A: A $30 Reservation Deposit will reserve your scheduled activity time, seating and dining facility use. Payment is due when you register.
Party Reservation B: Painting Only. A $10 Reservation Deposit will reserve your scheduled activity time and seating. Payment is due when you register.
Phone Reservations Only for painting parties during walk-in hours are welcome. We will accommodate you or your group according to *seating availability.
*determined by the number of scheduled painting groups and walk-in painters at the time you arrive.
Walk-In Party Groups during walk-in hours are welcome. We will accommodate you or your group according to *seating availability. *determined by the number of scheduled painting groups and walk-in painters at the time you arrive.
Reservation Deposits are required for  painting parties during “scheduled” hours. (Refer to reservation information).
Payment. The total painting party balance is due the day of the party. You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card, Gift Certificate or check. Make all checks payable to: Homeschool America.


You can bring cake, ice cream, prepared foods, drink (we supply ice) or we can assist you with catering options.
We Supply plates, forks, spoons, glasses/cups, candles and table clothes.
Table decorations—You may bring your own table decorations and decorate.
Hanging Decorations—You may hang your own party decorations. Decorating time can be prescheduled up to 30 minutes before the scheduled event begins if it is not done during pottery painting time.
*The scheduled party must supply their own equipment to decorate. All decorations brought in by the scheduled party must be carefully removed before leaving. We are not liable for injuries sustained hanging decorations.
*NO nails, screws, push pins, etc can be placed in the ceiling or walls and no tape can be used
that will possibly damage or remove the finish on fixtures or walls. Any incurred damages to the facility are the financial responsibility of the scheduled party and they will be billed for repairs.
Party time is usually 1-1/4 hours in the Pottery Cove where projects are painted, and 45 minutes in the dining area for refreshments and gift opening.
Party size. No minimum. The maximum is 12 for children 8 years and under.
Special Orders. Yes, we can order specifically requested products if we do not stock the item. A special order fee is charged. Full payment is required at the time you order
Pick-up Pottery items five (5) business days after the party or we can ship.
Cancellations. Reservation Deposits are non-refundable without a three-day (72 hour) notice prior to the scheduled party date. In the event of an emergency, rescheduling is permissible.
Reservation Deposits.
(Party Pkg. A) The thirty dollar ($30) deposit covers scheduling, ordering and facility use—this charge is non-refundable.
(Party Pkg. B) The ten-dollar ($10) deposit covers scheduling and ordering—this charge is non-refundable.
Restrictions. No alcoholic beverages. We are a smoke FREE facility.
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